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Cashier - Pismo Beach CA

Cashier - Pismo Beach CA
Cashier - Pismo Beach CA
  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 71387
  • State: CA
  • Location: Pismo Beach
  • Job position: Cashier
  • Payment: 12 $
  • Housing: no
  • Hours per week: 42
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This beautiful beach destination is a sought out by people around the world, students will learn all the aspects of the merchandising business and undergo extensive training.Pismo Beach is a vacation town with beautiful scenery, access to historical sites, tourism, shopping and surfing. Beach area, swimming, hot springs, surfing, etc. Job prerequisites: Advanced English, Must be outgoing, like working with the public, approachable, smiling, and friendly. Job description: This retail store is very large and can be quite busy. It is right at the Pismo Beach Boardwalk. Participant duties include cashiering, sales, preparing storefront for operation, learn to organize inventory a 13,000 sq ft store, memorize greeting scripts, participate in training, merchandising, and other duties assigned by the manager. Positive and happy associates are required. Good energy, like to smile and enjoy staying active. Interact with the guests. Prefer non-smoking. Must have excellent English and be outgoing. This is a huge store and very busy. You will be working very hard and on your feet for the entire shift. You must like working with the public. Students should be prepared to be constantly learning, open to new processes, and encourage a learning attitude. Must be dependable, hard-working, friendly and be a very trustworthy and honest individual. The employer will teach them inventory, merchandising, sales, customer service, store staging and cashiering. Upbeat, outgoing, friendly girls who are not afraid to chat with a crowd of people and be engaging to customers.