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Wildwood/Meat, Deli, Seafood Associate

Wildwood/Meat, Deli, Seafood Associate
Wildwood/Meat, Deli, Seafood Associate
  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 22510
  • State: New Jersey
  • Location: Wildwood
  • Job position: Sales associate
  • Payment: $11/h
  • Housing: $100/w
  • Hours per week: 32h/w
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Job description: At a fast pace, provide high-quality service, greeting customers in a friendly manner. Create a welcoming experience for customers. Control backed up lines, reduce waiting time for customers. Must have respect working with diverse and sometimes difficult customers. Operate scales and hot oil fryers. Prepare food, including fried food, soups, and salads. Display and stock deli cases. Keep cases, shelves, displays, dishes. Inform customers about products, promote sales. Inventory stock, restock, move bulk product from storage areas to sales floor. $10.69 weekly union dues.