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Montana/Cooke City - Retail sales help

Montana/Cooke City - Retail sales help
Montana/Cooke City - Retail sales help
  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 80061
  • State: Montana
  • Location: Cooke City
  • Job position: Retail sales help
  • Payment: $13/h + 2.5$/h bonus
  • Housing: $50/week
  • Hours per week: 32-60
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Salary: $13 hr with a $2.50 hr bonus for each hour worked if students finish their contract which works out to be $15.50 hr if they complete their stay

Estimated h/week: 32-60

Overtime: No

Do you allow students to work 2nd job? Yes. There are numerous second job opportunities.

English rate: 8

Attention: It looks like Bulgaria or Serbia our best option because we would like two students to arrive around May 15th and stay until at least September 1st and than two students to arrive sometime in June and staying till the end of September. Having two students till the end of September is important to us! Great English skills (8+), willing to live in a remote area.

Requirements: Must be able to stand a minimum of 8 hrs a shift. We can train you for the job if you have a friendly, helpful attitude. We have a casual dress code (jeans) but must be clean and personal hygiene are imperative. Great second job opportunities. Social life can be fun and rewarding (there are other J-1s in town) but it is not a party town. Come to have the experience and save some money. Natural beauty is incredible as well as the wildlife, even in town! students who arrive early have to be physically able to carry heavy boxes (up to 60lbs) up a flight of stairs. We have found that both sexes are capable of doing this but that the boys tend to enjoy doing this more.

Daily duties: Smiling friendly faces to greet and assist our customers. Cleaning, stocking and arranging inventory. Fast paced environment with guest from all over the world to see one of the most popular parks in the world.

Additional information: Students can be trained to be shift closers and earn another $1 an hour while working in this capacity.