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Maryland, Baltimore - Servers/ Host Staff

Maryland, Baltimore - Servers/ Host Staff
Maryland, Baltimore - Servers/ Host Staff
  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 89034
  • State: Maryland
  • Location: Baltimore
  • Job position: Servers/ Host Staff
  • Payment: $14.00 tips
  • Housing: Will help
  • Hours per week: 40 + overtime
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Salary: Wage per 4/hour + cash tip to make a minimum of $ 14.00/hour. Of course servers will be making a total of more than $ 14.00/hour.

Estimated h/week: 40 However, there is a possibility to work extra hours at different Lebanese tavern locations.

Overtime: 1.5 times the pay per hour through a complex formula.

Do you allow students to work 2nd job? Yes.

English rate: 9

Attention: Required English Level: Advanced 9 over 10. 

Requirements: Advanced English. 1st priority: Beginning or mid-May to beginning or Mid-September. 2nd priority: Beginning or Mid-June to end September.

Daily duties: Doing side duties and preparations for the lunch and dinner shifts. Greet and welcome guests, take orders, suggest items, serve food and drinks to guests, check on guest experience, cash guests out, clean tables, attend pre-shift meetings.

Additional information: uniform : $ 17.50 for polo shirt, for men, 1$ 16.95 for women$ 6.75 for apron, $ 42 for hostess shirt. Students are exempt from Social security and Medicare taxes. They only pay federal and state taxes