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Okoboji/Kitchen help, hostess

Okoboji/Kitchen help, hostess
Okoboji/Kitchen help, hostess
  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 08848
  • State: Iowa
  • Location: Okoboji
  • Job position: Kitchen help, host
  • Payment: $9 kitchen; $6+tips host
  • Housing: $1200 paid pr
  • Hours per week: 30-50
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Daily duties: Kitchen staff-to help prepare and cook food, wash dishes, buser-clean and set tables, host-meet guests in frond of the house.

English rate: 8

Attention: Very good English because students will be communicating directly with customers or staff.It is also important that they speak English to each other while at work.

Requirements: Students who's j1 term dates work well with our peak season dates are from Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova to name a few. It is best to have one or two who can work from May to late August. and then also have 4-6 who can work from June through late September early October.