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  • Current job offer: Current job offer
  • Job offer: 62322
  • State: Alaska
  • Location: Denali
  • Job position: Barback
  • Payment: $9.84+tips
  • Housing: $91/w
  • Hours per week: 32h/w
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Job description:Must be 21 years or older. People will call on you for EVERYTHING; stocking, cleaning, answering phones, mopping up spills, helping intoxicated customers, driving to the store to get supplies, changing kegs, assisting with delivering food, etc. These are just some of the “hidden” tasks that you’ll be responsible for in a real working environment. Barback duties: Emptying trash cans Collecting dirty glasses Wiping down the bar counter Fetching clean towels Stocking ice for all the wells Bringing out clean glassware Cutting fruit and garnishes for drinks Stocking juice, liquor, beer, and wine Changing kegs Cleaning bathrooms