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What is Work and Travel UK

Work and Travel UK

                 WATA offers work programs in warehouses in Europe, mostly in England. Warehouses are located in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, and employers offer long-term and short-term programs for their candidates. Minimum contract duration is 3 months. Then a long-term contract is offered. Even during your "trial" 3 month period, you get regular pay for the position. Most offers offer a place to live, provided by your employer. Most often these are houses for 6-8 people. Transport to the workplace is also provided if there is no public.

                  Types of work are mostly warehouse workers, assembly lines, factories (for chocolate, meat, fish, etc.), printers and their warehouses, truck / forklift trucks. Most items require active physical handling and handling of loads. Also, the product marking, pellet stowage management and other types of activities in a warehouse are often included.

                  The payout starts with the country's minimum rate per hour, with a trend for promotion after good performance during the work process. Payment is made by transfer to a personal bank account of each worker, the opening of which the employer assists upon your arrival there. Salary is earned either at the end of each week or twice per month, as specified in the employment contract.